Huwebes, Oktubre 11, 2012


                                                           By: Jomar D. Bernabe

Section 2.The Police Officer’s Creed 
 2.1 I believe in God, The Supreme Being, The Great Provider, and The Creator of all men and everything dear to me. In return, I can do no less than love Him above all 
obeying His word, seek His guidance in the performance of my sworn duties and honor 
Him at all times.  

 2.2 I believe that respect for authority is a duty. I respect and uphold the 
Constitution, the laws of the land and the applicable rules and regulations. I recognize the 
legitimacy and authority of the leadership, and obey legal orders of my superior officers. 

 2.3 I believe in selfless love and service to people. Towards this end, I commit myself to the service of my fellowmen over and above my personal interest. 

 2.4 I believe in the sanctity of marriage and family life. I shall set the example of decency and moralitq, shall have hiuh regard for fauily life and vauue of marital fidelity. 

 2.5 I believe in the responsible dominion and stewardship over material things. I shall inhibit myself from extravagance and ostentatious display of material things. I shall help protect the environment and conserve nature to maintain ecological balance. 

 2.6 I believe in the wisdom of truthfulness. I must  be trustworthy and I shall 
uphold the truth at all times.